1014 The G.W. County Project
January and February

This report covers all activity during January and February 2015.  Progress is good on the tender underframe and the works at Tyseley proceed according to plan. 

Mike Cooper, having been declared fit rejoined the project on 17 January.  On behalf of Mike and all the team, our thanks go to the deputy PM, Dicky Boast, for caretaking the project while Mike was hors de combat.  KWG had a heavy general operation on his back on 18 February and Roy Frisby had a light repair in late February. Both are healing well and making a good recoveries.

As you will all have noted, the planned Extra Day riveting weekend in February had to be cancelled because of the amount of noise that would occur during a steaming day. Riveting should now take place on the weekend of 14/15 March.

The Project team also wish to express our gratitude to Paul at Fab-Tech for the gift of numerous ¾ drive sockets, bars and ratchet spanners.

Locomotive Progress:

Lead horn trammel bar

08/01/2015 - lead horn trammel bar in position.

Trammel bar in place

08/01/2015 - View of trammel bar in position between trailing and lead horns on left hand side of locomotive frame.

At present things are relatively quiet on the boiler front. The remaining jobs on the firebox are under way.  No date has yet been set for a visit to Crewe.

In conjunction with minor repairs to the chimney, investigations have started as to how the petticoat can be manufactured.  It is proposed to metal spin the bells and laser cut the top plate, which will be welded together at DRC.  Discussions have incorporated Metspin in Southbourne, near Portsmouth, who have worked for the Society previously.  The CADs are being prepared and once a firm price is obtained a works order will be issued.

The first castings of the exhaust steam injectors were completed in late February:

Mould box

28/02/15 - a complete mould box showing the hollow feeds which also act as expansion risers for the LG4 grade casting bronze.

Core box in mould box

28/02/2015 - bottom half of the mould box showing the pattern removed and cores placed inside the mould to produce the cavities inside the casting. Hollow risers are added in various places to allow the molten metal (bronze in this case) to flow into all parts of the casting mould.

Pouring the metal

28/02/2015 - pouring the liquid bronze from the crucible into the mould box.

Finished casting.

28/02/2015 - finished rough bronze casting of the exhaust steam injector body, removed from the mould box and yet to be cleaned up with a die grinder.

Live Steam.  A number of 10x castings for the live steam injectors have been located, but it is uncertain if they are of the correct specification so they will need to be checked.

In the course of the visit to Tyseley in January, the pistons and rods conundrum was discussed with Bob Meanley.  It now transpires that the piston/rod pair in the project's possession came from a 42xx (fitted with front bar frame extensions), consequently the rods are mis-dimensioned by ½ inch for use on full length through frames such as are found on Lot 354 locomotives.  There is also concern over the taper fit to the crossheads.

It is intended to overhaul the crossheads and manufacture a piston/rod set to match them.  While probably not the cheapest option, it will ensure that everything will fit on assembly and minimal machining of the bores will be required.  It is believed the existing piston/rod pair can be used by the 4709 Project.

 Both crossheads, it is planned, will move to Geoff Parker’s premises at Aldermarston in late March.

Spring Hanger Accessories have all been painted to a colour code to distinguish between those that have been hardened by the project team and the originals.

Eccentric sheaves blanks

08/01/2015 - sheave blanks stored at Tyseley.

The eccentric sheaves cast blanks. Machining and other work on them at Tyseley remains paused at the project's request.
The Taylor rings required for the Cylinder Blow Down Cock Gear have been delivered by Heritage Steam Supplies

Taylor rings

28/02/2015 - Taylor rings as delivered.

 The cab floor is complete. All the chequer plate parts are in process of being cut Tadleys in Aldermarston.

Tender Progress:

Work on assembling the tender proceeds well:

Drilling the tender frame and fitting the horns is complete.  The horn gaps have been check measured and axlebox finished sizes specified.  These are now being machined by Geoff Parker at Aldermarston, supervised by KWG.

Other work includes:
- Installation of the tender horizontal cross stay brackets;
- Installation of the spring hanger brackets;
- Work has commenced on the machining of the drag links and fitting the drag pins to the clevises;
- Various items of the water scoop gear await fitting;
- The rubber pads and hysterisis plates for the rear draw hook and spring hangers are being specified and will be manufactured in the near future.

Tender underframe

14/02/2015 - view of on-going work on the tender underframe from the rear-end.

Rear buffing plate

14/02/2015 - rear buffing plate fitted and awaiting riveting.

Hammer pins

28/02/2015 - Hammer pin detail.

The rear buffing plate is now fitted.  The ends remain to be riveted to the end frame angles.  Drive/hammer pins have been located for attaching the step pads to the buffers.

Procurement of low risk parts to create a bank for installation on the underframe during 2014 remains on-going but should be complete in early/mid 2015. 

The drop valences remain stored at Fab-Tech in Stockbridge.  They will be moved to DRC in conjunction with a larger parts move in the near future.  They are in two sections, the rear one of which is long and extremely heavy!

The Brake Cross Shaft, Cranks and Bearings/Scoop linkage have been shimmed and free movement tested.

Derusting, undercoating and top coating of all three wheelsets remains ongoing. 

Although work on the tank superstructure has not yet started, acquisition of part continues, the latest order being the seal ring on the tank manhole from Fab-Tech in Stockbridge.