1014 The G.W. County Project
Progress 2015
Strategic Intentions

So where do we go in 2015?  The main effort must be to prepare for the return of the frames, by ensuring that all parts necessary to rewheel in 2015, are available.  The cab can then reinstalled and completed.  Furthermore, it will be as well to prepare to start work in earnest on the pistons, rods and cylinders, besides the valve chest components.  Work will continue to complete the tender chassis and wheel it, and then start a new workstream for the tender tank, the steel for which is already paid for.  Subject to funding, work will be reactivated on the external motion and consideration given to ordering the extension bars and valve rods.  And, of course, the strategy for ordering the boiler barrel must be firmed-up. 

Achievement of these aspirations anticipates your continuing support in 2015, particularly in the matter of hours worked in the shop.  Many thanks in anticipation.

Mike Cooper.