1014 The G.W. County Project
September and October
This report covers all activity during September and October 2015.  Progress remains very good on the tender underframe, and work has now restarted on the locomotive frame.  A positive consequence of all the movements within the Locomotive Works is that all the elements of 1014’s build are now located on No 4 Road in the Works

Frames no 4 road

10/10/2015 - locomotive frames relocated on No. 4 road in the DRC Locomotive Works.
Note the locomotive frames are supported at the front by the bogie, while to the rear are
are the tender frames.

Three County Setters (Cooper, Hallett & Luscombe) will attend Didcot Railway Centre's Mutual Improvement Class on locomotive valve gear on 14 November.
Roy Frisby has returned to duty, while Keith Gilbert is still involved with the medics and likely to require e a another back operation in the near future.  We all wish him well.

The trawl for an additional machinist has, so far, fallen on deaf ears, but Mike Cooper lives in hope of finding a suitable volunteer. More optimistically, two responses were received regarding the welder role. Dicky Boast is now attending a course and a potential volunteer was scheduled to be "interviewed" by Mike Sawers in late October.

Locomotive Progress:

Following the Boiler Meeting at Crewe 27 August 2015, costings of a fixed price, labour only contract are awaited. Another meeting, with our insurers, is planned for before the end of 2015.
The good news is that there is much back office work continuing on the boiler barrel and smokebox wrapper and our scout is actively involved in speaking to possible sponsors.  KWG is producing general dimensional drawings for the barrels and wrapper.  The intention is to manufacture the two boiler barrel sections, smokebox wrapper and front tube plate in 2016.

Following production of a CAD 3D image, ‘Boro Foundry are actively engaged on the precursor of manufacture of this item.  It has been agreed to be associated with a research and development project using sand mould printing techniques, which is similar in principle to a 3D printer on a PC.  The Project will be attending a briefing at Pinewood Studios on 12 November.  The aim is to achieve the highest quality for this key component commensurate with reducing project and engineering risk to a minimum.

Superheater 3D plan

10/10/2015 - CAD in 3D for the superheater pattern

KWG has now completed the AutoCADs for the Smokebox Saddle which are now being checked by a third party.  We have also measured up and ordered the steel to make a drilling jig for the potential manufacturer.

Repair to blower flange on chimney

10/10/2015 - repair to the blower flange of the chimney.

Detailed work continues on the smokebox and blast pipe.  A number of drawings have been received from Ted Lacey, which detail the smokebox door and the hinging arrangements for the fastening of the smokebox dart.

The chimney bells have been delivered and the welder has been briefed on the welding requirement.  In this context, work has also started on the minor repair to the blower flange of the chimney.

The quest for GW Drawing No 82314 'Casting for Safety Valve' continues.  It is planned to manufacture a reduced height safety valve using South Coast Steam Ltd. on Portland.


Delivery of the Exhaust Steam injectors is expected from Hunt Castings, Romsey, by 19 December.

The motion has received varying degree of attention:

  • Crossheads - work paused while they are soaked in caustic soda Geoff Parker's premises in Aldermaston.
  • Our 'scout' is exploring possible sponsors for both inside and outside motion, as well as the eccentric sheaves.
  • Delivery of the vacuum pump is still awaited via PG.
Meanwhile a range of other works continue on the frames:
  • The bogie bearing pads remain to be installed:
  • Those parts of the frames which will be behind the driving wheels, and thus inaccessible once they are installed, are being prepared for painting in the near future.
  • The driving wheels will require some minor cosmetic repairs prior to rewheeling.
  • The cab floor is complete and all the chequer plate parts remain in process at Tadleys in Aldermaston.



Bogie bearing pads

10/10/2015 - LaDonna working on the bogie bearing pads.

Vacuum Release Cocks

10/10/2015 - Vacuum Release Cocks - as fitted to another locomotive.

Vacuum Release Cocks (one for the loco and one for the tender) have been delivered. Their manufacture was courtesy of 7903 Ltd.

Tender Progress:

Mike Cooper and team are considering a rewheeling method statement using our 6.5 tonne crane rather than the wheel drop.  Current calculations show the tender underframe in its present configuration to weigh 4.55 tonne which allows a Factor of Safety of 1.43.

Assembly of the underframe continues to proceed very well:

  • The spring hanger brackets have been riveted.
  • Scraping in the axle bearings remains ongoing.
  • The rear step plates remedial work is complete.
  • Drilling and painting of the top frame rails is complete.
  • Most of the timber packing for the tank base is complete.
  • Installation of the axleboxes and slide plates is complete.

Spring hanger bracket

24/10/2015 - spring hanger bracket riveted in place on underframe.

The Valences are now welded, await dressing-off, centring and riveting.