1014 The G.W. County Project
May & June
Locomotive Progress

Front wheelset in wheel drop

21/05/2016 - locomotive chassis positioned over wheel drop. Front driving wheelset already positioned in wheel drop. (Frank Dumbleton)

Checking progress

21/05/2016 - County setters checking progress as the wheelset is lifted into position - ensuring there were no other unforeseen impediments to progress. (Frank Dumbleton)

Front wheelset in position

21/05/2016 - front driving wheelset in position. (Frank Dumbleton)

A 4-6-0 at last

21/05/2016 - A 4-6-0 at last! (Frank Dumbleton)

Axlebox awaiting springs

10/06/2016 - loco axlebox packed with a wooden block until the springs had been fitted.


10/06/2016 - cabsides being prepared for further coats of paint.


10/06/2016 - cabsides having received another coat of paint, drying.

Piston rods at Ufone

29/06/2016 - Coupling rods (on top) and connecting rods (beneath) forged blanks 'normalising' at Ufone. (Owen Sharples)

Connecting & coupling roda Ufone

29/06/2016 - Connecting rods (on left) and coupling rods (to right) at Ufone, awaiting machining. (Owen Sharples)

Tender Progress

Tender underframe

10/06/2016 - tender chassis after the spacers and vacuum tanks had been refitted. Also shows clearly the wooden tender packing pieces in position.

Tender Bracket removed

10/06/2016 - location of a bracket removed for re-wheeling.

Gary on lathe

10/06/2016 - Gary fly cutting the bearings.

At present work is concentrating on the tender. To wheel the tender it had to be lifted, whereupon the wheels were rolled underneath. To accomplish this various spreaders and brackets had to be removed. These are in the process of being repainted and replaced in readiness for inserting the bearings and
fitting the springs.

Gary has been fly cutting the bearings and once fitted the springs can be fitted.
The brake gear is next. All of it is to hand, except the adjusters, so it can now be rubbed down and painted and then assembled. Once completed, the task of riveting the buffer and drag beams can be undertaken, and made ready for the tank base.