1014 The G.W. County Project
January - May

The good news is that Keith Gilbert is slowly recovering and paid Didcot and 1014 a visit recently. The bad news is that so far 2017 has been frustratingly quiet for 1014 on most fronts. Significant parts are still awaited despite being ordered months ago, including the loco spring links and tender vacuum cylinder seals.


Locomotive Progress:

The chassis has received little attention so far as the next stage requires the aforementioned spring links before dropping the wheels and doing the work required while the wheels are out.
However, some work has been undertaken, including Gary's work on the vacuum pump:

Gary work on vacuum pump

April 2017 - Gary working on the vacuum pump.

Finished vacuum pump

April 2017 - vacuum pump overhaul almost complete.

At Crewe the firebox overhaul is 95% complete, with only the last few stays and foundation ring rivets still to be fitted.

Meanwhile, assembly of the boiler move forward this year, the new tapered boiler barrel having been rolled by West Midlands firm Bradshaws. These will be transported to Crewe to be joined to the firebox. 

Firebox backplate

03/2017 - view of the cab end of the firebox showing renewal work undertaken. (David Bradshaw)

frnot end firebox

03/2017 - front end of the repaired firebox awaiting being joined to the boiler. (David Bradshaw)

firebox front end 2

03/2017 - front end of the firebox shewing three-row superheater holes.
(David Bradshaw)

In addition, design work continues on both cross head and smokebox fronts. Confirmation of the loading gauge limitations have been received, so the saddle design can be finalised.

Tender Progress
Once again progress has been held-up by the non delivery of the tender vacuum cylinder seals, which means that the bottom plate cannot be fitted until they arrive.

The tender has been advancing underneath, with all brake beams and links fitted. Unfortunately, one rod between the adjusting screws and the actuating beam was sent to a foundry in November last for a replacement quote, since when nothing has been heard.

A priority for the tender is riveting the outer angle to the frames, but this cannot be done until an offset ram from the USA is delivered.

However, as the images show, tank bottom plate is finished and painted ready to be turned over and placed correct way up.

Cleaning tender base

04/2017 - Doug cleaning the tender base prior to giving it a coat of protective paint.

painting tank base

04/2017 - Doug applying a coat of protective paint on the tender tank base.

Apologies for the relative dearth of news, but not a lot has been received of late, but at least there are a few pictures this time to show progress.