1014 The G.W. County Project
Progress 2017

For 2017 the main priority is to put right the problems cited in the 2016 Annual Report, i.e. dropping each wheelset in turn, to fit axle box links. Whilst the wheels are out countersink the spreader rivets, change the links and then assemble the brakes. This it is hoped can be achieved in the first quarter. Furthermore, the tender plate should be finished and fitted. Thereafter, the internal and external motion for the loco will be looked at, the tender tank assembled and the firebox, barrel and smokebox brought together.
A myriad parts and ancillaries have to be obtained, most of which are expensive, e.g. right hand thread brake adjuster nuts cost £5 each whereas left hand £55. A wide range of parts are still required and need funding to obtain them, so if anyone can help by a gift, sponsorship or donation it would be most gratefully received.

On the positive side, most important is the fact that there is a wonderful able and loyal team. Surprisingly, despite losing Mike, Keith and a couple of other members, the actual hours worked is up on 2015 at 1729 hours (1695). However there is a need to increase the numbers as there is still much work to do on the loco and tender. Welders, engineers, spanner and paint brush wielders - anyone with any interest in the County is needed. Work meetings take place every other Saturday (for dates in 2017, refer to 'Getting Involved') plus occasional week days and the other Saturdays. All that is required is enthusiasm - especially in the winter when it is cold.