1014 The G.W. County Project
Progress 2018

At the end of 2017 Dicky Boast had a planning meeting with Richard Croucher (the then Chairman) who advised Dicky of the financial situation and forward planning.
During 2017 a lot of money went on the firebox and boiler barrel, consequently the project found itself in the 'red'. As a result for the next year our firebox and barrel is going into store and any income will be used to pay off the overdraft with work for 1014 subject to a controlled spend. 
The first contract for 2018 will be the tender brake links, so the brake system can be finished off. Attempts to obtain the vacuum cylinder seal continue, so the cylinder can be fitted to complete the under floor work. Work can then start on the tank, the plates for which are in store for us.
For the locomotive,a year has been spent trying to get the axlebox links finished, happily these are now painted and ready to fit.
Unfortunately, problems have arisen relating to the clearances between the wheels and frames, and wheels and motion bracket. These will have to be checked and subsequent work possibly carried out. This means the axleboxes will have to be taken off and the outside faces skimmed - not too difficult a job. The motion bracket is a different matter altogether. Being designed for a Hall with 6’wheels and the County having 6’3” wheels, an overlap is apparent and may mean a redesign. 
Also planned, especially with the loco on no.2 road, is to refit the cab and make it look a bit more like a locomotive. 
Another task to be considered this year is the smokebox/saddle/door – the door is being sponsored by Steam Railway Magazine – which means that the locomotive will have a front and a rear. Hopefully this will not cost too much and we can build up some funds ready for the motion in 2019.
At present, work is focussing on the forward running boards, which will keep the team going for a couple of months. Gary and Doug can finish the vacuum pump which can then be fitted and possibly piped up. There are horn keeps and brake rockers which can be cleaned up and painted so there is plenty to do.


As mentioned previously, but well-worth repeating, is the list of items which can be sponsored to ensure completion of the boiler, tender and locomotives.. Offers to David Bradshaw or Richard Croucher please.


  • Palm Stay Pattern £1,000
  • Palm Stays £165 each
  • Palm Stays - Casting £100
  • Palm Stays - Machining £500
  • Rivet £5 each (thousands required)
  • Bolt £1 (Many required)
  • Superheater - Pattern £2,500 (1 required)
  • Superheater - Casting £2,000 (1 required)
  • Superheater - Machining £2,000 (1 required)
  • 324 Crown Stays £50 each
  • Main Steam Pipe £3,000 (1 required)
  • Transverse Stays £300 each (30 required)
  • 2 Fusible Plugs plus 2 spares £50 each
  • Outside steam pipe casting £288 each
  • Tubeplate £7000


  • Pullrods (2) £1800 each


  • 6 loco coupled axle springs £800 each
  • 6 crank pins at £750 each (4 still available)
  • 2 connecting rod forgings £3500 each
  • 2 connecting rods machining £6700 each
  • 2 coupling rod forgings trailing £2652 each
  • 2 coupling rod trailing machining  £7252 each
  • 2 coupling rod forgings front £3200 each
  • 2 coupling rod front machining  £7440
  • 3 Piston rod casting complete with piston rings £3702 each
  • 3 Piston valve rod complete with piston rings £4638 each
  • 2 Pistons £320 each
  • 4 Slidebars £1,200 each
  • 2 Crossheads £2000 each
Many thanks in anticipation and let's make 2018 a more constructive year for the Co9unty Project.