1014 The G.W. County Project
Small picture of locomotives at Didcot Didcot Railway Centre - Home of the Great Western Society

A number of websites are linked involving a number of aspects of preserved locomotive construction, access to resources used in this website and organisations with similar objectives to those of the Great Western Society.

Locomotive Projects
The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust
The Betton Grange Society
Bluebell Railway Atlantic Group
The L.M.S. Patriot Project
N.E.R. G5 Project
The 82045 Locomotive Fund
The Standard Steam Locomotive Company
Heritage Lines with a strong G.W.R. Flavour
U.K. & Ireland Heritage Railways
Gloucester Warwickshire Railway
Llangollen Railway
South Devon Railway
Severn Valley Railway
West Somerset Railway
Sources of photographs etc.
L.C.G.B. Ken Nunn Collection
Transport Treasury
STEAM Museum of the Great Western Railway
And some of our friends in the railway press:
Railway Magazine
Steam Railways
Heritage Railways
British Railways Illustrated - Irwell Press Ltd.
Friends on the railway news web:
The Railway Chronicle